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devil vs God

what everybody think of satan a being with red color skin with 2 horn on forehead always influencing people to go on evil path. and my answer is no. because every either supernatural or natural wants monopoly to rule.

but condition changes, as before the only god have all knowledge after Lucifer was made as ” most powerful and beautiful creation”. he was most belove and truest one. as more and more creature was created lucifer come to know something that made him go against god. so he denies, satan was the only one who made adam and eve to eat the apple of knowledge. also got knowledge. that there are suffering, there is hell and there is the earth where we will be left alone without help and people of humanity will fight to each other to prove themself. in the most religious book there is a concept that God knows everything. then why he didn’t stop lucifer even he was very close to god reach. maybe it was God’s plan to make them down to earth. to make them suffer. God wants people to be killed, fight with each other, suffer from the disease, exploit and god will never come to help us. according to me, so many pandemic diseases have been encountered no one can say that god helps to remove it.

“Nomy friend only knowledge helps us weather it is related to science or technology os anything. and knowledge come to humanity by apple of knowledge. the most popular religion holy book have said many disturbing noticeable thing of prophets. such as

bribing the people to fight in the name of religion and get paradise with most beautiful women “known as hoor”. Islam pretends to save women from the exploitation of women then also the sahaba’s have sex with the ‘girls’ slave of wars and killed the men (religion of peace).also if anyone leaves religion from Islam to other must be killed, they treat transgender as unhuman ” no right to leave” same with gay ” they kill them”

so i think god seek people to be suffer and ask help where satam is the reason which help us to get knowledge when humanity was not able to stand on there feet. dont be in a myth by the unlogic books.

eg. “Q” god says every living being was created with pairs but there is a frog in Africa born as male and die as female by laying egg. —“NOT EVERYWHERE SATAN IS DESTRUCTIVE BUT ALSO GOD IS RESPONSIBLE SO DON’T BLAME SATAN